Opinion: 6 signs Apostle Suleman is FAKE

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Editor’s note: For quite sometime now, Apostle Johnson Suleman’s name have lingered in the media space, the recent scandal in which he is accused of adultery by a lady named Stephanie Otobo, has continued to make the rounds, with new developments by the day. In this opinion piece, Akeem Adetayo Oyalowo examines briefly some things that do not add up regarding the case which now is to be heard in the courts.

Opinion: 6 signs Apostle Suleman is FAKE

The limits of rights and freedoms

I believe the apostle can do what he likes with other women who are consenting adults.

His wife may have a decision to make but she has released a song which definitely means she accepts whatever the status quo is.

That’s okay.

1. Testimonies

What I just don’t understand is why there is so much drama by the apostle to bring people into his private life. Why is testimony from the lady’s father, then mother and sister relevant to his desire to prove his innocence.

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Unless people are gullible, how many people does the apostle believe will think a girl’s parent will know when exactly she is having an affair, what type of relationship she’s getting into and if she’s having an affair with a married man.

Opinion: 6 signs Apostle Suleman is FAKE

Opinion: 6 signs Apostle Suleman is FAKE

I don’t want to get into how stupid the girl’s parents are, going to church to give testimony against their own daughter.

These testimonies and other points below, further proof that Apostle Suleman is fake. We have said that all along.

2. His wife’s music video

It wasn’t necessary to make a music video at this time, the play becomes too obvious.

Opinion: 6 signs Apostle Suleman is FAKE

Opinion: 6 signs Apostle Suleman is FAKE

3. Any church member who doubts is a demon

His claim that any of his church member who has doubt is a demon, defies rationale and faith.

4. Blaming the Kaduna state governor for his woes

Apostle Suleman’s claim that Stephanie Otobo is being pushed by Kaduna state governor is totally unfounded.

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5. Fake prophesy on the life of Governor Nasir El-Rufai

He prophesied the death of the Kaduna state governor, about two-years ago, but the governor is still doing his thing.

6. Birthday splash and love showcase

The magnitude in which the Apostle celebrated his latest birthday, is yet another suspicious move.

Opinion: 6 signs Apostle Suleman is FAKE

Opinion: 6 signs Apostle Suleman is FAKE

In the photos which are making the rounds, the founder of the Omega Fire Ministries, was all loved up with his wife, backing her, carrying her in his hands and striking all different postures in celebration of love and life.

Also recently, he gave expensive gifts and money out to his church members.

The Facebook for his followers posted this: “As Apostle Suleman celebrates: “Gifts out; 26 Cars, 1 house, 2 Million Naira for widows, 100 thousand naira each for the oldest departmental members, several thousands for other members, blesses indigenous (OFM Member) artistes running into millions of Nairas plus other numerous gifts.”

All these charades are too much theatre for a stable mind.

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Logic says, if apostle says nothing anymore about this affair and keeps himself off the police case, the noise will die down.

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