Ultimate Cycler: How does it work?

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Ultimate Cycler is the most dynamic investment program in Nigeria and a number of other countries. It even received more positive feedback from people than MMM did at the initial stage. The reason cannot be contrived. Being told that you can earn N50,000 for one week, with an investment of N12,500 is enough to tickle someone else’s imagination, and with the current economic downturn in the country, Nigerians are prone to any lucrative scheme that will not only pay a good profit, but within a short period of time.

Ultimate Cycler review
How does Ultimate Cycler work in Nigeria?

Here’s all you need to know about Ultimate Cycler and how it works.

Ultimate Cycler is one of the hottest online business networks in Nigeria today, like MMM, iCharity, etc. In Ultimate Cycler, members will donate money to members, which means that you do not pay money to the site system. This is a mutual community in which members help other members.

How does Ultimate Cycler works and how to join Ultimate Cycle in Nigeria to get paid easily and quickly

How does Ultimate Cycler work in Nigeria?

When you register, you will need to donate an amount of N12,500 to one of the family members, and then a person will confirm your donation.

Your registration will be completed when you send N12,500 ($ 25) to the person with whom you are in agree.

After that, log in to your Cycler account, click on “My profile” when your profile is loaded, scroll down to the part with the inscription “Payment orders”. Delete the default text that you do not need, and enter your bank account details there.

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Note. You will receive a payment on the bank details specified in the section “Payment Instructions”. So make sure it’s right.

Whenever you receive payment, go to your Ultimate Cycler account, and confirm that the person has paid you, then activate that person’s account so that he can send his referral link to others. This is also very important.

How does Ultimate Cycler work in Nigeria?

The system (Administrator) will place 4 other registered individuals from secondary sources who will also pay you N12,500 each to your bank account, amounting to N50,000. You can also invite people to register «under you», if you cannot wait until the system does it for you.

After you have 4 people «under you», you can go to level 2, where you will need to pay N25,000 from your N50000 to the second member of class 2, and now you do not need to worry about how to attract people at this level, the system will bring 16 people «under you» who will pay N25000 to you each, after that you will have N 400 000.

Level 2

You increase your income by $ 50 (N25,000).

This is also a 2 × 2 matrix.

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Because your downlines follow you, along with the secondary effects from your uplines, you use the cycle $ 50 x 4 = $ 200 (N100,000). Re-enter as you did in the $ 25 matrix. You continue to make a profit with a $ 200 cycle without any limit, giving you $ 150 each time you cycle, which is N75,000 profit again and again and again without end.

How does Ultimate Cycler work in Nigeria?

Level 3

This is also a 2 × 2 matrix.

In the same way, you have to go to this matrix with $ 100 (N50,000).

At this level, you earn $ 100 X4 = $ 400 (N200,000), which give you a net profit of N150,000 many times and almost endless.

Level 4

This is also a 2 × 2 matrix.

In the same way, you move to this matrix from $ 200 (N100,000).

At this level, you earn $ 200 X4 = $ 800 (N400,000), which give you a net profit of N300,000 over and over again without restriction.

Level 5

This is also a 2 × 2 matrix.

In the same way, you go to this matrix with $ 400 (N200,000).

At this level, you earned $ 400 X4 = $ 1,600 (N800,000), which gave you a net profit of N600,000 again and again without end.

How does Ultimate Cycler work in Nigeria?

Level 6

This is also a 2 × 2 matrix.

In the same way, you go to this matrix with 800 dollars (N 400 000).

At this level, you earn $ 800 X4 = $ 3,200 (N1.6 million), which give you a net profit of N1 million 200,000 over and over again without stopping while you continue to ride the Cycler. It is noteworthy that all these business centers operate independently of each other.

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Ultimate Cycler compensation plan

Step 1

$ 100 (N50,000)

Step 2

$ 200 (N100,000)

Step 3

$ 400 (N200 000)

Step 4

$ 800 (N400,000)

Step 5

$ 1,600 (N800,000)

Step 6

$ 3,200 (N1,600,000)

Important notice / update

How does Ultimate Cycler work in Nigeria?

Please make sure that you have the needed N12,500 on hand before registering Ultimate Cycler account through the referral link of our team.

The reason for this is that if you register without being willing to pay your investment fee that is N12,500 within the next few minutes to the person to whom the system has designated you to pay, this will affect other new members who are trying to register using the Referral link of your team on site that will make them unable to pay accounts to other team members (as new members can be assigned to the payment, but you have not paid the others, and it’s tiring your team), so please read through again this instruction, try to have the money on hand before registering that after registration you can activate your account, while others may pay you.

You cannot be assured that the Ultimate Cycler Nigeria is profitable. You can make a profit here, but you can also lose everything. Lear more about Ultimate Cycler before investing money not to lose the latest!

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