Violence should never ever be the option or choice!!! Juliet Ibrahim tells Empress Njama

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Nigerian actress Empress Njama has added her opinion to the issue of domestic violence. She, however, seem to be the one of the few who has decided to fight for the men.

She said, if a man hits a woman, it is called domestic violence but when a woman hit a man, what is it called?

“There are men out there who are abused mentally by women through words and abuses than women who are been beaten physically.”

She, however, maintained that she is not in support of men physically abusing a man, just that we needed to get it right on the issue of domestic violence

“I’m not saying it is advisable for a man to beat up or assault a woman, but some women are headstrong that they can traumatise their partner mentally to the extent that he has no choice than to beat her up”

She also made it clear that no marriage is without its challenges and that the two needs to work together to help it work out in the aspect of helping each other’s differences.

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“Marriage is not a bed of roses. You need to work together with the man if a man is a natural woman beater; you need to help them manage his anger”

On the other hand Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim said, “you do not deserve to be beaten by your husband, what you did or didn’t does not matter

She stated, “KARMA IS A BITCH! When it comes barking up your own tree or in your family; please preach your wisdom that time…

What a pity and we call ourselves celebrities! When people decide to sit and form advisers they should think twice before talking honestly.

She, however, gave an answer to Empress’ question, “What’s the meaning of ‘a man hits a woman it’s called domestic violence and when a woman hits a man it’s called what?

“MADAM, it’s the same domestic violence either ways and what we have been preaching since day one is the fact that no one should get to the point of hitting another being in the name of anger or rage!

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“Violence is wrong! There is no excuse! Violence should never ever be the option or choice!!! There is no reason in the world for a man or woman to get physical on another Person”



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