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Frequent urination at night: causes and natural treatment

Sometimes causes of frequent urination in women and man without pain at night are not even pondered due to the fact that it does not cause discomfort. In such a case everyone believes that the problem will be solved itself. But it is not the way it should be.

Frequent urination at night

Frequent urination at night: causes and natural remedies treatment

This signal is a kind of warning, however, people don't understand that they should consult a doctor. The first signals should not be ignored, because such disease is not as harmless as you may think. Therefore, it is advisable to know its causes, treatment and consequences that may be, if neglect.

The desire to urinate can have different causes: physiological, pathological and other. So, causes of frequent urination can be:

  • hormonal changes;
  • anatomical narrowing of the urethra;
  • pregnancy;
  • abundant fluid intake;
  • age-related changes in the body;
  • period of menstruation in women;
  • receive diuretics (medicines with a diuretic effect);
  • hypothermia of the body;
  • stress, nervous breakdowns;
  • a wrong diet (the oversaturation of the body with salt).
Frequent urination causes

Frequent urination at night: causes and natural remedies treatment

All these reasons are quite natural. By themselves, all these factors are harmless. However, they can lead to further serious consequences, manifested in various diseases. The latter can be the result as well as the cause of excessive urination. Here is the list:

  1. Cystitis (this disease implies inflammation of the urinary bladder due to an infection, which spreads very quickly from short urethra in the upstream organs, usually it is accompanied by sharp pain in the lower abdomen).
  2. Diabetes (disorders of the content of glucose in the body, in this disease, frequent urination is not accompanied by pain).
  3. Uterine prolapse (such a defect may occur for various reasons, detection happens during an ultrasound. Uterus presses on the urinary bladder, so frequent urination at night occurs. Usually the pain is aching in nature).
  4. Uterine fibroids (formation on the walls or in the cavity of the organ benign tumors, which, increasing in size, presses on the bladder. As in the previous case, it is accompanied by aching).
  5. Urethritis - inflammation of urethra due to the falling in the canal of infection or due to various mechanical causes, such as wearing uncomfortable synthetic underwear. In this disease, urination not so much frequent as just painful.
  6. Pyelonephritis implies inflammation of the kidneys, can cause rapid but painless urination, but the pain can occur in the lumbar area.
  7. Saline diuresis output or kidney stones - stones block the channel of the urethra leading into the urinary bladder, causing urine output which may be incomplete, accompanied by discomfort.
  8. Age urinary incontinence due to weakened pelvic floor muscles due to hormonal changes of the body. It is marked by the decrease in the spot urine sample and ease of urination when you cough or low physical activity.
Frequent urination causes at night

Frequent urination at night: causes and natural remedies treatment

Diseases in which night portion of urine more than day one (nocturia):

  • chronic renal failure - it is accompanied by the appearance of edema and anemia, pale skin, increased blood pressure, specific changes in the biochemical analysis of blood.
  • cirrhosis of the liver - characterized by enlargement of the liver, yellowness of the skin, swelling, indigestion.
  • chronic heart failure - this condition is accompanied by swelling, lowering blood pressure, shortness of breath, intolerance to physical activity, enlargement of the liver.

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Characteristically, chronic frequent night urination is detected mostly in elderly and senile age, and a sharp – young. Nocturnal enuresis is registered mainly in children. frequent urination in children


causes of frequent urination in men

Frequent urination at night: causes and natural remedies treatment

Causes of frequent urination have already been mentioned, but there are symptoms, which together with the problem can give more clearly the clinical picture and inform about the disease:

  • temperature rise;
  • chills, malaise;
  • uterine bleeding (not including menses);
  • discomfort in the pelvic region, a sensation of a foreign body;
  • diarrhea.

So, if frequent urination at night is not accompanied by these symptoms, it is painless, it is likely that there are no serious reasons. This may be caused by the consumption of large amounts of fluid, hypothermia, and so on. However, to confirm the inoffensiveness of this phenomenon and its calm, a visit to the doctor is necessary.


Frequent urination

Frequent urination at night: causes and natural remedies treatment

What a doctor should be consulted if you have such a question: “What causes frequent urination?” The error-free option is a visit to the therapist. This specialist will be able to appoint all the necessary tests, passing the diagnosis.

In the first place - urinalysis, which will show any abnormalities (the presence of protein, white blood cells, red blood cells in urine, which indicates different diseases). An essential step in the survey of a blood is clinical and biochemical analysis. So it is possible to identify inflammation, infection, glucose (diabetes) and so on.

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To exclude other diseases and causes of frequent urination in women it would be better to consult a gynecologist who determines the presence of infectious diseases. In addition, do ultrasound examination of organs of the small pelvis and the kidneys.


Frequent urination at night in women

Frequent urination at night: causes and natural remedies treatment

After the survey according to the results, the specialist will prescribe the necessary treatment. Therapy may include medications and in-patient treatments, and sometimes surgery.

If frequent urination in women at night due to the presence of infectious diseases, the course of treatment necessarily includes antibiotics, antifungal agents, drugs that protect the stomach from the harmful effects on it of antibiotics and antiallergic reactions (if any). Age-related changes (menopause) can be simply normalized due to the hormones, so the problem will disappear by itself.

Sometimes the patient should follow an appropriate diet, to give up some particular food, eliminate alcohol. If the frequent urge to go to the toilet associated with pregnancy, such a period simply to survive, because in this case correction is not needed, this is quite a natural phenomenon.


Frequent urination - natural remedies treatment

Frequent urination at night: causes and natural remedies treatment

How to stop frequent urination? When the cause is known, it is possible to resort to treatment. If you can’t visit a doctor or there are other valid reasons, then you can go to traditional therapies that are time tested. Next, the most basic.

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Infusion of oak bark. This product can be purchased at any pharmacy. Oak bark is the most common treatment for various infections, as it contains substances, interacting with proteins, it forms a protective barrier in the body, inhibiting pathogenic microbes. The recipe is: for 1 liter of water 2 tsp. of infusion are needed; pour boiling water over infusion, allow to stand for about an hour, strain through cheesecloth, use two times a day (half an hour before or after the main meal).

natural remedies treatment

Frequent urination at night: causes and natural remedies treatment

Mint tea and St. John's wort. This fee is not only useful but also has a great taste. Herb can, like regular tea: about a small bunch of mint and St. John's wort in 1 Cup of water. You can add honey or sugar to taste. This drink removes toxic substances from the body, inhibits inflammation, fights well with colds.

In addition to treatment with the decoction, popular is a compress of fresh onion. This method will help to normalise the process of urination because the plant is rich in a huge number of vitamins and other nutrients. The compress should be left for 1 hour or 2 in the area of the lower abdomen.

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