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What is the meaning of Biafra?

What is the meaning of Biafra? Biafra

If you like interesting facts about the country of Biafra, the most important what you have to read in the beginning is the origin of Biafra.

What is the meaning of Biafra?

Origin of Biafra

Well, firstly, you should know the Biafra definition. It is a short-lived self-proclaimed country that has once detached from Nigeria.

The result of the British colonial period was the division by ethnic lines of Nigeria into several areas: this way the British put into practice the principle "divide and dominate". When Nigeria gained independence in 1960, the country's tribal conflicts began.

In 1967, the leaders of the Igbo nation started a military rebellion in order to separate the Eastern region from Nigeria and to declare the Biafra Republic. The war between citizens of the country has been lasting for two and a half years, as a result - more than 2 million people died (most of them died of starvation, mostly - children).

country Biafra?

What is the meaning of Biafra?

In March 1967, the Government of the Eastern Region has announced that all revenues, collected on behalf of the federal government, would be left to the needs of the Eastern Region. The federal government refused to pay the salaries of civil servants, who have fled their areas of employment.

In addition, the federal government refused to pay a special part of income. In the East, the seizure of federal property began. In response, the government Gowon established a naval blockade of the region. The last attempt of a peaceful settlement was made in May 1967. Y. Gowon offered to revoke the economic sanctions against the East, and to organize a meeting of regional military governors, provided that British troops would guarantee the safety meeting. Ojukwu rejected this proposal.

The formal reason for the proclamation of the independence was the Decree of 27 May 1967.

List of Biafra states

biafran people

What is the meaning of Biafra?

You should be aware that the main ethnic tribes are Igbo, Ijaw (Niger Delta) and others. Surely, you understand that they inhabited the Biafra and created twenty-five states or, so-called provinces. The full list of them you may see below:

• Agbor;

• Asaba;

• Aba;

• Owerri;

• Miliaria;

• Orlu;

• Ikot Ekpene;

• Uyo;

• Eket;

• Ogoja;

• Calabar;

• Enugu;

• Oji-River;

• Awka;

• Onitsha;

• Nnewi;

• Okigwe;

• Annan;

• Abakiliki;

• Yenegoa;

• Warri;

• Ahdada;

• Ugheli;

• Degema;

• Port-Harcourt.

Capital of Biafra

about Biafra

What is the meaning of Biafra?

When Nigeria declared the independence, Enugu became the capital of its Eastern part. In 1967 Enugu was proclaimed as the capital city of Biafra. As you read above, the Igbo people used to be the main nation that is why the capital was formally called “Igboland”. This main city was dislocated in Umuahia. This happened because of the fact that Enugu was seized by the Nigerian military forces. No matter how, but the business matters in Enugu increased. Nowadays there are many profitable industries in this city.

Biafran people

At present, Biafra is supposed to be the fifth largest due to the population. However, it has the highest number of people per square mile-almost 550. What is more, during the history of this republic, a lot of tribal conflicts were exactly here. Among the tribes, we can mention the Ibos, the Ibibio-Efiks, the Ijaws and the Ogojas. It is interesting that the Ibos were unofficially declared as the foreigners. The name of their tribe derived from the word “Heebo”. They lived along the river and were the great traders. At present, people, who line at that region, believe that Biafra will live forever.

So, all the information can help you to understand better what is Biafra, what kind of people it represents and some interesting or may be unknown for you facts about Biafra. Read our site in order to be aware of everything.

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